Some nice people said some nice words

Patrik Gyllström. Director BR•F

Working with Wes can only be described as a total delight and effortless. I was amazed how efficiently he worked in and around the the shoot, but without compromising the quality of his work. 

When I saw the final result of the work for Tourism Ireland I really didn’t understand how he managed to do it given the inherent time restraints. 

To top it off Mark is just a pleasure to have and set, super nice and very collaborative.

Ed Robinson CD, Karmarama

I had the good fortune to work with Wes for over a decade - he’s an excellent photographer with a great and original eye. He’s one of the best retouchers in London.

But he’s also one of the smartest and funniest blokes I’ve ever met. 

He has a brilliant and unique work ethic. He’ll happily work all night to get something right. But it’s not just for the ad he’s working on. It’s certainly not for his “Boss”.

It's for him. 

Wes has ludicrously high standards and a fierce sense of pride. 

He’s worth his weight in gold. (And that is a lot of gold.)

Neil Dawson - Co-Founder at Neil A Dawson & Company

I’ve worked with Wes a few times - his skills were a game-changer.

His treatment gave our shots exactly the look I wanted.

That is the thing with Wes, he will get what you’re trying to do very quickly. Then with all the experience he has can execute it perfectly. The results are world class.

He’s also funny. Very funny. It’s something to keep in mind if you have pelvic floor issues.

Josh Norbury - Creative Director Tourism Ireland

Wes always has an opinion.  And that’s a good thing.

Before we settled on our final designs in our latest project, Wes brought a fresh perspective to the table and offered some visual guidance that served only to make the work better. 

His experience in multiple disciplines of our industry means he’s not only a great photographer and retoucher – he’s also got a really good eye for design, and knows immediately what works and what doesn’t. 

He’ll never force his opinion down your throat either, and to be fair he doesn’t have to - as he’s usually always right. 

Annoying really.

Paul Matuszczyk, Business Director, Publicis•Poke

I’ve worked with Wes on multiple projects over 3 years at Publicis London covering the IOC (PyeongChang Winter Olympics Global Brand Campaign) Essity (global FMCG brands) and Depaul UK (youth homelessness charity). 

Wes is pretty unique in his approach and works on several levels.

Firstly, he’s a central partner in working with creative teams in development and concepting – helping bring to life either photography or graphical techniques to get those concepts over the line.

Secondly, he captures beautiful photography really bringing out the essence of a scene or the character of an individual  Thirdly, he’s extremely flexible finding innovative ways around particular client issues.

In my 20 years in AdLand, I’ve never seen all that capability in one man. On top of all that, Wes is one of the good guys.  

He’ll want to help you get the results you’re looking for and you’ll want to work with him again and again.

Simon Willows. Director

I have been lucky enough to shoot with Wes in lots of lovely places around the world. 

Whether in alongside a stream in a Polish forest, on a coastal cliff edge in Mallorca, a mountain top in Cape Town or a lakeside valley in Slovenia he has been the perfect photographer for each campaign.

Wes has done an excellent job picking up incredible shots and key frames as we go. Always flexible and swiftly capturing what he needs, without hold up or delay. 

As a director it is important to me that the campaign stills work reflects and captures a consistent character and personality with our live action films. Wes has consistently delivered this, through a brilliant rapport with talent.

I enjoyed a further two shoots with Wes sat just over my shoulder (pleasantly close) in Nice as we had the task of filming a campaign for Lotus Baby, featuring a totally of 50 babies per shoot, running wild in one film and cycling a Tour de France in another. 

Again, Wes was brilliant at working with the baby wrangler, babies and parents to capture action shots of happy babies with the required crisp diaper product shots that had that all important synchrony with the films.

It’s always a pleasure to have Wes on set and his fun and collaborative approach makes it the perfect combination to achieve both live action and stills side by side. 

I look forward to heading off somewhere nice with him soon!

Steve Moss - Writer & Director, Girlfriend Plus

I’ve worked with lots of photographers and there are a few things which set Wes apart.

He gets genuinely excited about projects. For my film posterI wasn’t really sure what I wanted. But he’d already been mulling it over and pitched me an idea which I loved and we went with that.

He’s great at direction and managed to get my actress from 0 to completely relaxed in next to no time – brilliant – given that we only had an hour with her.

And it’s a joy working with a photographer who does his own retouching – which delivers a wonderful purity of concept.

When I look at the finished image I can see it’s a combination of Wes’ technical decisions, lighting, framing, etc. combined with his ability to give nuanced direction.

Her face. Soft on the outside,‘I-could-break-your-spine-with-a-flick-of-my-wrist’ on the inside - is exactly what I was looking for. 

A lovely piece of storytelling. 

Sharon Joyce - Deputy Head of TV

As Deputy Head of Production at Publicis London I have worked with Wes as photographer on several large and smaller budget film and photography shoots for Essity commercial campaigns in UK, Europe and South Africa.  

Challenging time frames  and budgets on both large and small location and studio shoots; with local crew and artists.

Wes brings a level of professionalism and an uncanny knack of making adult artists and children comfortable in front of camera. This can be easily recognised in his portfolio of work.

Capturing candid campaign shots that Clients love for their brands guarantees that Wes is always asked for in terms of repeat business. He’s a powerhouse of a photographer who I can not recommend highly enough. 

Nicola Turek, Producer, DePaul Trust

Wes is a delight to work with.

He always delivers spectacular images and  has a natural ability to make people feel automatically at ease, whatever the environment.

One of our shoots was incredibly sensitive and yet in a studio filled with people the portraits he captured were captivatingly personal.

I love working with him, always positive, collaborative, quick to respond and constantly coming back with fresh ideas and new ways of telling our story better.

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